7 Amazing Gifts For Someone With A Broken Arm

gifts for someone with a broken arm

When a friend or a family member have broken their arm, chances are they could be in need of your assistance. Offering a get well gift package is one of the good ways to show support to a loved one in need.

A broken arm care package can bring them the much needed comfort. Besides, a well-thought-out gift also helps puts a smile on their faces.

In this post, we have put together nine broken arm gift ideas you can offer to your loved ones with broken arms:

  • 1. Juvo Toilet Aid

  • Breaking an arm (on any other part of the body) results to challenges that hinder mobility. It even becomes hard to perform the normal activities, including cleaning up after visiting the toilet.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 1broken arm care package

    Juvo, a self-assist toilet aid would make it easier for them to use the toilet in an easier and dignified way. Juvo is designed to facilitate easy and comfortable use of toilet paper. It holds the tissue in for easier wiping.

    The Easy Squeeze Trigger helps lock the tissue paper in place so that you won’t mess up your hands. Once you are done, the tissue paper can be released for disposal by pushing the actuator button. It’s simple, safe and hygienic. Besides, the handle can be used from the back or front.

    2. Lock Laces (Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

    For those who have broken their arms, fastening their shoes laces is an uphill task. There might be a lot of issues when it comes to getting the feet in/out. It becomes even more challenging to adjust the entire boot’s lace tension each time.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 2broken arm gift ideas

     LOCK LACES are elastic no-tie shoelaces. As a result, it takes away the hassle, and helps them save me some time. The LOCK LACES are stretchy enough to both hold the feet firmly.

    They make wearing of boots and walking in them pretty easy and simple and comfortable. They offer all good, all round support without any pressure points. Besides, LOCK LACES conform their feet to feel much better throughout the day.

    broken arm gift basket

    Broken bones occur frequently. Everyone - including the kids, teens and adults - can expect to wear a cast at some point in their life. But, no one needs to wear an ugly looking cast just because the orthopedic recommended for you to heal. Everyone needs to have a casts that doesn’t look like a death sentence.

    They need something can be proud of.

    That is why the idea of Casttoos (that is, tattoos made for casts) was born as a good gift for someone with a broken arm. Because it is much harder to draw a detailed and intricate design on the rough cast surface, castoos takes care of that challenge. The good thing is that are casttoos available for all colors, sizes and all types of people. That is why Casttoos make a good, get well gifts for kids with broken arm or gift for person with 2 broken arms.

      4. Deluxe Sock Aid with Foam Handles

    People who have broken their arms might not be able to reach either of their foot to put on socks. So it becomes close to impossible to wear them by themselves.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 3gift for person with 2 broken arms

    But, this socks aid, Deluxe Sock Aid, makes their lives easier. By simply dropping the sock on the floor, holding the rope handles and sliding the foot all the way into the plastic smooth holder, the socks or stockings will easily be slipped onto the feet.

    It’s lovely, and easy to use gifts for someone with a broken arm- yet a highly relieving. Plus, the soft and flexible contour shaped is designed for individuals with weak hand strength. As a result, it gives them a comfortable grip besides making it easier for them to insert socks onto the sock aid.

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    5. Charlie Is Broken!

    This is a book series where the reader gets to enjoy the beloved characters of Lola and Charlie. This book is about the two characters practicing for a circus show when Charlie injures himself while playing soccer. Lola is devastated that the already injured Charlie won’t be able to participate in their upcoming circus show decides to help Charlie during his difficult time by becoming his nurse.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 4good toys for a kid with a broken arm

    If your kid fell and broke his arm, you can buy this book to read together. The kid will relate to the poor Charlie who had his arm broken. It makes one of the best gifts for someone with a broken arm. Plus, you will just love Lola and Charlie.

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    6.  CastCoverz! Designer Arm Cast Cover 

    If you had your arm broken and you have a cast, this cast cover will help you. It will save your skin from rubbing across your furniture, the cast or even snagging your clothes.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 5get well gifts for kids with broken arm

    Besides, it helps keep your cast clean and dry and protects your sheets from scratching. The cover comes in different colors, sizes and patterns. Plus, it is highly washable and dries quickly so that you can feel better and heal better.

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    7. Seal Tight Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector

    If the child has broken their arm, it would break their heart if they realize that they can’t stay and play their beloved game (like the popular Dinos vs Submarines game in the bath).

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 6gift for person with 2 broken arms

    Even when the caring parent wraps the little kid’s cast with over 1000 layers of cling wrap, 4 trash bags, probably more cling wrap and Press and Seal, chances are they never get the peace of mind in their bodies. The parents are always worried that the cast would get wet and begin degrading.

    Thanks to Seal Tight Freedom Cast, the kids don’t have to avoid water because of a bandage or cast. The kid can always enjoy themselves without worries about messing up. The thick, non-latex diaphragm stretches easily over bandage or cast forming a watertight seal.

    Plus, the vinyl curtain comes with a tight, wide band that helps it to stay tight to their bodies. Besides, each application eliminates the need for pumps, strapping or hook and loop closure.

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    8. Castcooler Immediate Itch and Odor Relief for All Breathable Orthopedic Casts, One Size

    Castcooler might look like a simple, blue stretchy stuff. But, when put in a broken arms’ cast, and hooked up to a vacuum, the end results can be so thrilling.

    Gifts for someone with a broken arm 7Castcooler Immediate Itch and Odor Relief for All Breathable Orthopedic Casts, One Size

     Its designed to keep the cast dry and fresh. As a result, it helps keep the casture moisture-free and thus preventing the growth of bacteria that cause itching and bad odor. It provides the relief the person is always looking for especially those of us who are complaining about itching and smelling inside of their cast.

    If you know someone who has a cast, it would help them save their sanity. It would suck the moisture and stink every day and as a result freshen their smelly cast and speed dry their wet cast.

    9. Sani-Cast Orthopedic Cast Cleansing Kit

    This is one of the top kind under-cast cleansers out there. It is so far recognized as one of the most recognized breakthroughs in gentle cast care and hygiene. Sani-Cast was created to provide instant relief from the discomfort that results from inability to clean the skin as a result of the orthopedic cast.

    Most orthopaedic professionals recommend it as a good strategy for wiping away all the bacteria and dead skin cells that cause cast odor and itching. It’s a very vital organ in broken arm gift basket.

    But it has its shortcomings too. The velcro patch that you attach the cleaning pads might come off after about 3 weeks use. Besides, the refills can be expensive especially for a short arm cast.

    Summing it up

    Accidents happen, almost every time, and people get injured as a result. Sending the victims, a get well bundle makes them feel appreciated and comforted. The above post lists some of the idea that people can exploit to gift their friends and relatives who have broken their arms.

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